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Leaving homelessness requires more than just getting a job. To make a permanent exit from the streets, a homeless person must find a job, find transportation to their job, find a place to live so they can get adequate sleep and get ready for their job each day, and find appropriate clothing for their job. In many cases, the person also has to learn basic social and life skills.

Rock of Hope takes a unique approach to the problem of homelessness that addresses each of the steps in the journey to achieving a sustainable exit from the streets. We focus on matching each homeless friend with a personal “champion”. A champion is much more than a mentor or a case worker – a champion is a friend that develops a deeper relationship and provides a greater level of care through fellowship, encouragement, prayer and general support. The champion is a trained volunteer that helps each homeless friend work through a written action plan to exit homelessness and live independently. A key aspect of this relationship places Christ first and allows Him to guide every step of the journey.

Rock of Hope provides transitional housing for participants to live in while they work to become independent. Occupants must be employed or in the process of becoming employed, follow house rules, pay a nominal program fee to cover utilities and expenses, and are allowed to stay only for a predetermined amount of time. Rock of Hope buys or leases homes that need minor repairs for transitional housing, then renovates them to the extent needed.

Rock of Hope provides several other services, including transportation for program participants to jobs and appointments. This is accomplished through team work by a group of volunteers and champions. We also help participants obtain state and federal identification, get enrolled in GED and educational classes, coach them on interviewing skills, obtain clothing for work, and a variety of other services.

Rock of Hope has several strategic affiliations with local government agencies that can provide assistance to supplement the needs of our participants.

Learn more about homelessness in America here at endhomelessness.org

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